Market Declines are Part of Long-Term Investing

The above chart teaches some great lessons on investing.  It shows two important data points per year for the S&P 500 Index from 1980 thru April 30, 2015.  Those two points are 1) the overall rate of return including dividends each year shown as the grey bars, and 2) the largest intra-year drop that occurred during the year noted by the purple dots (in other words, the largest pea

How to Select the “Right” Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is tough. There are generally a lot of options so how do you differentiate the crème de la créme of advisors who you can really trust to manage your hard-earned money?

You Might NOT Be a Fiduciary Advisor

It is becoming harder and harder to figure out who really is a fiduciary advisor nowadays.  A few years back, it was easy to find a fiduciary advisor:  just look for an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) or an IAR(Investment Advisor Representative).  There was a good chance they’d be a fiduciary adviser.  Now we’re seeing RIAs and IARs doing many other things th

How is Your Advisor Compensated (and Does it Matter)?

Let’s say you haven’t been feeling well, so you visit your doctor.  You describe your symptoms; he examines a few things, runs a test or two and determines that you have a case of Feelingterribleness (not an actual disease).  He writes a prescription for a two-week supply of Beachitara (also not real).  You’ve never tried it before, but you recall the TV ads wit

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