Our Services

Our Services

A wise man said "If your only tool is a hammer, all problems are nails." However, we are not limited by the constraints of one profession or one product. You won't be forced into a limited (and limiting) course of action holding you back and enriching others at your expense. We can use a variety of tools, properly integrated to help you reach your goals.

We follow two fundamental principles:

  • We don't do anything unless it gets you closer to your goals. We don't sell products, and we take no commissions or referral fees, so our only motivation is helping you. We have no reason to spend our time doing anything else.
  • We try to keep things simple. We don't use exotic investment strategies or questionable tax schemes. All costs to implement and manage your plan (financial, emotional, and mental) must be justified. If you don't understand our suggestions, and you are not comfortable with it, then it won't be done.

To repeat our Mission Statement: 

We are a professional fee-only wealth management firm deeply committed to helping individuals and families achieve their life and financial goals. We help our clients achieve their goals by thorough and creative planning, systematic implementation, disciplined investing, and control of implementation, tax and management costs.

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