Tax Deductions

Why You Should Prioritize Retirement Savings over College Savings

Young families with an eye to the future are faced with a daunting choice – to save earnestly for a secure retirement or to save for their children’s education. Can you do both?

Using Roth IRAs for Tax-Free Retirement Income

Roth IRAs are a tax-advantaged retirement account that individuals can establish to provide tax-free income in retirement.  Contributions made to a Roth IRA do not get any special tax treatment, but the growth of those funds over time can be tax-free if the withdrawals are made after age 59 ½ or for other qualifying events. 

Are Advisory Fees Tax Deductible?

It’s tax season again, and a question we get from a number of clients after receiving their year-end statements is, “Are my investment advisory fees tax deductible?” And the answer is an equivocal, “It depends.”

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