Welcome to Waypoints

Welcome to Waypoints

Welcome to our blog!  As the name “Waypoints” implies, every day we make stopping points that are part of our overall life journey.  We are fond of saying that financial planning is a process, not an event.  We hope this blog can give ongoing direction for whatever financial waypoint you may find yourself at.  Our goals for this blog are to:

Share relevant and timely information – As investment markets and tax laws change, we strive to be a resource for investors looking for commentary on new developments.  More viewpoints are better than fewer and we hope to provide unique perspectives.

Provide direction - At our core, we are strategists who are always looking for the best path forward to help our clients achieve their goals.  No matter the circumstances, there is always something we can do (or refrain from doing) that can move us in the right direction.

Have some fun – Life (and planning for life goals) is supposed to be fun.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and this attitude should come through in this blog.

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