Financial Entertainment is Closer to a Carnival Than to Financial Advice

It’s always fun to see reactions from people I meet when I tell them what I do for my work.  The title “financial planner or financial advisor” means different things to different people.  A common response I hear is a question regarding a short-term investment idea they heard from a financial pundit (usually on TV).  The details are different, but the category

Why You Should Prioritize Retirement Savings over College Savings

Young families with an eye to the future are faced with a daunting choice – to save earnestly for a secure retirement or to save for their children’s education. Can you do both?

Three Ways to Get More Done in a Day

You may have heard statistics or evidence that multitasking can actually make people less efficient. Actually, in many cases that’s true. Generally speaking, multitasking decreases the level of knowledge and understanding in a given task; and, sometimes it can lead to doing many things but not really accomplishing anything.

Financial Planning Is a Process, Not a One-Time Event

In the world of financial planning, it’s easy to think that the output of our work is a document called a financial plan that outlines where an individual or family is today, where they would like to be in the future, and what steps need to be taken to get there.  While that is part of what we do, the real meat of what we do is the ongoing adjustments that are made to the plan.

Time (In the Market) Heals All Wounds

This chart gives some great insights into long-term investing.  The two numbers listed on each bar are the highest and lowest returns for stocks, bonds, and a 50/50 blend of stocks and bonds over rolling periods of time between 1950 and 2014.  Rather than focusing on average returns, this chart shows the extremes.  The largest 1-year gain in stocks was 51% while the largest 1-yea

Oct 01, 2016 by Spinnaker Financial Advisors, LLC

We have been hearing this question often in recent weeks, “How are the markets going to react to the presidential election?”  Although we tend to hear this question every presidential election, it seems to be coming up more often this time.  Perhaps that is because many people have strong negative views of one candidate or another, or both.  The latest Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Hilary Clinton with a -9.5 Favorable to Unfavorable ratio (43.6/53.1)...

Feb 01, 2016 by Spinnaker Financial Advisors, LLC

For Maximum Retirement Income You Need Tax Diversification

One of the most important tenets of investing for retirement is to diversify broadly for the best possible long-term returns in your portfolio. However, for the best possible outcome in generating maximum retirement income, special attention needs to be given to achieving optimal tax diversification. Conventional portfolio diversification focuses on blending together a mix of assets from across the spectrum...

Jan 21, 2016 by Spinnaker Financial Advisors, LLC

You may have noticed that the stock market has had a rough few weeks to start the new year.  Including yesterday’s (Jan 20, 2016) selloff, the S&P 500 Index is down 9% for the year and 11.9% from a recent high made in November.  To use some technical jargon, this means that we have reached a “correction” (a decline of 10% or more) but not yet a “bear market” (decline of 20% or more). 

Although market corrections and bear markets...

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