How to Select the “Right” Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is tough. There are generally a lot of options so how do you differentiate the crème de la créme of advisors who you can really trust to manage your hard-earned money?

Time (In the Market) Heals All Wounds

This chart gives some great insights into long-term investing.  The two numbers listed on each bar are the highest and lowest returns for stocks, bonds, and a 50/50 blend of stocks and bonds over rolling periods of time between 1950 and 2014.  Rather than focusing on average returns, this chart shows the extremes.  The largest 1-year gain in stocks was 51% while the largest 1-yea

How to Create Order out of Chaos with Your Financial Records

It should not take the filing of a tax return or a death in the family to finally create order out of paper chaos so you are not forced to scramble in those critical circumstances. The chances of making costly errors are too great not to take some very simple, albeit essential, measures to get and stay organized all year long.

You Might NOT Be a Fiduciary Advisor

It is becoming harder and harder to figure out who really is a fiduciary advisor nowadays.  A few years back, it was easy to find a fiduciary advisor:  just look for an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) or an IAR(Investment Advisor Representative).  There was a good chance they’d be a fiduciary adviser.  Now we’re seeing RIAs and IARs doing many other things th

Longevity Risk: The Biggest Real Retirement Risk

This isn’t our parents’ or grandparents’ retirement anymore. Just a few decades ago, many retirees enjoyed the full benefits of the “three-legged stool” of retirement provide by guaranteed pension payments, savings, and Social Security.

The Cost of Delaying Retirement Savings

Compounding interest is a beautiful thing.  Albert Einstein called it, “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.”  Compounding gives power to patient and disciplined investors to improve their lives, and their families, for the better.  The basic formula for compounding gains has three main variables: dollars invested, rate of return, and time.  While the

Saving Versus Paying Off Debt

The saving versus paying off debt is an age-old quandary that has plagued people since the advent of consumer debt. Pose this question to a group of financial planners and the responses will be split, roughly down the middle. While there might be as many advocates for savings as there would be for paying down debt, the broad consensus will likely be that it really depends on the situation.

Avoiding the Fear-Greed Cycle

“Investment results are more dependent on investor behavior than on investment performance.”  (DALBAR, Inc.)

Seven Reasons Why You Need an Advisor

Here are seven things an advisor does to add value to your life:

Using Roth IRAs for Tax-Free Retirement Income

Roth IRAs are a tax-advantaged retirement account that individuals can establish to provide tax-free income in retirement.  Contributions made to a Roth IRA do not get any special tax treatment, but the growth of those funds over time can be tax-free if the withdrawals are made after age 59 ½ or for other qualifying events. 

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